Frequently Asked Questions

Q - My station doesn't use red, green and white. Can I get my calendars in other colors?

A - You can choose any color you would like at no extra charge! Just be sure to specify which colors for which shift!


Q - My station is on a 12 hours shift schedule. Can I get my calendars for 12 hour shifts?

A - Not a problem. Just write the two shifts that work on the calendar date, ie. A/C, B/D, C/A or D/B. The first letter represents the AM shift, the second represents the PM shift. Again, you can choose the colors! Just be sure to specify which colors for which shift!


Q - We have four shifts, not three. Can you make calendars for us?

A - We would be happy to make you calendars for four shifts. Be sure to list the four colors on the order form.


Q - Is there any way you can include Holidays and Station phone numbers on our calendars?

A - Yes. We can include Holidays and/or Station phone numbers on your WALL or Tween Calendars. If you look at our sample Wall Calendar, you will see Holidays and Station phone numbers have been added to the bottom for this customer. We will do this for you at no additional charge!


Q - We already received our calendars for the year, and ended up short. What do you charge for additional calendars?

A - If you have already ordered and paid for your calendars, we would be happy to accept adder orders in quantities of 100. The add'l 100 price is found in the far right column of the price list.


Q - We have a company logo that we would like added to our calendars. Is it possible to add it, and if so what would be the charge?

A - If you have a company logo, we would be delighted to put it on your calendar at no extra charge. Please send it in "gif" format.